AlterEgo Grid is a 3D Virtual World (Metaverse) based on OpenSIMULATOR technology
By registering an Account, you will become a Resident of AlterEgo Grid and have access to the 3D World with an Avatar that you can customize to your liking with clothes, hair, shoes, skins and other accessories.
You will meet new people from every country by interacting through text chat or voice.
You will be able to obtain items, houses, furniture, vehicles, boats and more. You can trade these items with other Residents, or create new ones of your own invention.
You can give shape to your fantasy and impersonate what you want to be (a man, a woman or a fictional character! ), you can take care of your hobby and become whatever you want to be like a builder (content creator), a designer, a graphic designer, a videomaker or photographer and capture scenery created by you or other residents, you can be a singer or a DJ and create community parties or just enjoy all this in the company of other residents, or share board games and more.
You can import your 3D content created through software such as Blender or similar, or simply *take a piece of land and create your own home, your own space, to have a place where you can relax and listen to music in privacy giving vent to your creativity, or even with your own land you can create a place open to the public by organizing exhibitions with your work of drawing, painting or exhibitions dedicated to scripted objects and three-dimensional, or even open a nightclub or a store **selling your original creations or opening a Free Store of your own to offer items for free to residents, you can give life to your every fantasy and create all kinds of events, all in a Virtual World 3D very exciting.

AlterEgo Grid can offer you much more, you can organize classes and courses dedicated to various topics and sectors, make meetings of computer nature, create a staff to create content and works, or simply organize through the platform of AlterEgo Grid a reference point to meet your loved ones or your staff in a 3D environment that replicates real scenarios.

AlterEgo Grid has no limits, really.
It is connected to HyperGrid, this means that you can visit other virtual worlds open to the public and you can invite in AlterEgo or in your personal land the Residents of these worlds.
Not only, thanks to HyperGrid you can participate in events of various nature organized in other metaverse.

What are you waiting for? Register and join the AlterEgo Grid community!

*Land: As an AlterEgo Grid Resident you are entitled to a Free Residential Land. For more information read the section Land to understand how to get a free land and what are the conditions of use of the land.
**The economic system of AlterEgo Grid is based on Gloebit$, you can sell your creations of any kind (scripts, objects, complete avatars, bodies, clothing, tattoos, vehicles, paintings and more) just do not violate the T.O.S. (Grid Terms of Service), the DMCA and are not content that other Residents in other grids or in AlterEgo own the Intellectual Property, you cannot sell items that are distributed for free or are linked to free distribution licenses such as GPL and derivatives or Creative Commons, you cannot sell content if the creators include the motto of "Never Buy in OpenSIM", content of this nature cannot be sold. You will only be able to sell content of your own creation and of which you hold the Intellectual Property that will be recognized in AlterEgo.

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AlterEgo Grid has various types of land available :
see the "supplementary base" regulation at the bottom of the page
Residential Land :
. AlterEgo Grid Residents are entitled to a free 1024sqm residential plot with *700 prims available (volume of objects allocable within the plot), on land or on water, residential plots are only available on regions named "Ego Residential".
In residential areas the Resident will own the plot and can manage it and set various parameters in the "plot information" (such as music, privacy levels and more).
If the plots in the Residential areas are temporarily unavailable, the Resident will have to notify with an email to or contact the staff by leaving a message to request the plot, which will be delivered as soon as it is available.
To get a free residential plot, the Resident will have to click on the "Land For Sale" sign and the plot will be assigned automatically, the Resident will then have to click on the mailbox to activate the counter for the weekly renewal.

EgoMainLand :
MainLands are regions that offer expansive land with a large number of allocable items. The lands in EgoMainLand offer more space and are terraformable (within the limits set on the region), generally MainLand regions are connected to each other offering a path between scenarios of various nature in constant evolution. The purchase is made through the currency of the Grid in Gloebit$, the price of the land varies depending on the size. Once the land has been purchased, the Resident will be free to resell or rent the land to other Residents, to build the preferred type for his own location, even of commercial type in respect of the rating of the region ("G" General, "M" Moderate, "A" Adult).
To buy a plot in EgoMainLand the resident will have to enable Gloebit$ on his account, choose the plot to buy, click on the sign "LAND FOR SALE" and pay through the letterbox the weekly fee.
The size of the plots vary from the largest of 12,000sqm/8,000+prims for a price of 250G$/week to the smallest of 4096sqm for 100G$/week.

Regions :
You can buy a whole Region (FullSIM) called MainRegion always with Gloebit$ currency the cost will be 500G$/week for 65000sqm/10.000 prims. Searching on the grid map using the word "Main Region" it will be possible to find regions ready for sale and configured with the basic modules of the grid (Y Engine for scripts and BulletSIM for physics - some Regions may have already been sold).
To buy a MainRegion the Resident will have to get the land by clicking on the sign "LAND FOR SALE" and pay the weekly fee through the letterbox that will be placed in a corner of the region (usually on the map at NE of the region).

Premium Regions:
you can request the setup of custom regions defined "Premium", and in this case you can request the script modules to choose between X or Y Engine, and the physics modules between ODE (+ Ninja if requested), UbODE and BulletSIM, you can choose the name of the region and the summer for the land.
To request a custom region just contact the staff or send an email to specifying: AlterEgo Avatar name and surname, the name chosen for the region, the name of the summer and the rating of the region. The Resident will also have to specify the modules he wants to activate (like make it visible to everyone, or close the access to the HyperGrid visitors, for a complete list of the modules ask to the staff), and it is also possible to ask for a particular texture for the terrain.
Regions Premium - Details :
Sqm : 65.000+
Prims : 20.000
Cost : 1.500G$/week with renewal through mailbox
Backup for the Resident : *Backup OAR on request with email sending and direct download link - backup cost 5,000G$
Premium Regions require an active account on AlterEgo Grid
*Region backups are performed regularly once a week, multiple times if needed, but sending the archive in OAR format is allowed only for Residents with Premium Regions

Land Rules

These are "indications" of some rules related to available land and complement the T.O.S. (Grid Terms of Service). For more complete information on the rules to be respected refer to the regulation present in the info of the land (region).

It is not allowed to have more than one free land per ACCOUNT/IP/MAC_ADDRESS.
Free lands are classified as "Residential" in Residential areas.
Free land is only accessible to residents of AlterEgo.
the purchase of land requires a "local" account in AlterEgo Grid.
it is prohibited to return from the land obtained (either for free or for a fee) the letterbox for weekly renewal.
it is forbidden to return the houses or the platforms present in the free lands.
it is forbidden to create stores or public places on the free land.
it is forbidden to build skyboxes or platforms below 2.000mt of height in the free lands.
it is forbidden to place objects outside of one's own land, or to invade the land of others adjacent to it, or to invade the land in a public area.
it is forbidden to return objects such as roads or trees that for a part fall in the land "EgoMainLand", in case of need contact the staff for the removal of the object or send an email to: with the details of the land and the name of the region concerned.
the rating of the region must be respected ("G" General, "M" Moderate, "A" Adult).
there are no land limits for Residents paying MainLand or Regions.
it is mandatory to activate the rent with expiry date from the appropriate letterbox as soon as the land is obtained.
the tolerance for a non-renewal of a plot of land (Resident\EgoMainLand\MainRegion) is 3 (three) days, after that the plot will be revoked.
the tolerance for a non-renewal of a Premium Region is 7 (seven) days, after which the region will be deactivated.
MainRegions and Premium Regions may be entered into the "***SmartStart" system at the discretion of LeederLab Homebrew (resident will be notified).
Violation of the land rules and the T.O.S. (Grid Terms of Service) will result in the immediate claiming of the land by LeederLab Homebrew ITA resulting in the account being banned even without notice.

*Available prims may vary by default or by excess.

***DreamGrid's "SmartStart" system pauses a region by temporarily deactivating it to allow for less server resource usage. Residents requesting a teleport to the region in "SmartStart" paused state will receive a "starting region" warning and be temporarily teleported to a waiting area, as soon as the startup is complete, the resident will be automatically teleported to the requested region.

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Download BluEye Viewer (we recommend BluEyeOpen) to connect to InWorld after you Register and select AlteEgo from the list of grids.
If you are an experienced OpenSIM user the Grid LoginURl is add it to the opensim section of your Viewer.

If you need support you can contact us at

Thanks and Welcome to ALterEgo Grid! Enjoy Your Stay!

Is this your first time to register an account in a 3D Opensimulator virtual world? Read this short guide!

Please read the following carefully :

To register you will need to enter the First and Last Name of your AlterEgo Avatar, the name of your digital character, do not use your real first and last name! this name identifies you as an AlterEgo Resident and will be seen by other users in Grid and HyperGrid.
Inserting an email is not mandatory, however it is definitely recommended in case of important communications from the grid or for password recovery.
Choose a complex password but that you can remember, remember that the staff can not read your password in any way so, the only way to recover it will be then to request an automatic reset of the password (also via email to
Choose the type of your avatar if "Male", "Female" or "Neutral".
Remember to read the T.O.S. (Terms of Service of the Grid), are in English but you can translate them automatically using your web browser simply by right-clicking on the page and choosing "translate to Italian", if you need help contact the staff with an email to, remember to respect the simple rules dictated by common sense (respect for others in chat and voice any abuse will be punished with immediate ban and reporting on the platforms of sharing Grid).
Avatars that give an appearance of a Child are not accepted, this grid embraces the general rules present in other Grids on this point.
By registering you declare to be 18 years old and accept all the items in the T.O.S. (Terms of Service of the Grid).
You may not register for an account using any offensive words or any of the following first or last names: LeederLab (and any kind of words or expressions that can be linked to this name as a reference), Geecadz, AlterEgo (Alter, Ego and any kind of words or expressions that can be linked to this name as a reference), Linden, LindenLab, Mole, Bellisseria (and any kind of words or expressions that can be linked to this name as a reference) and you can't use names of other Grids, this you can do only in case you represent or are owner of the grid whose name you carry (in this case you have to notify the staff by email at :

Click here to register your AlterEgo!

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Grid Status

Information about the grid and its status can be viewed here : Grid Status.
AlterEgoGrid is a small reality born for passion, with the hope to grow every day together with our residents and the whole OpenSIM community.
. The Grid has as internal reference the Italian time defined in Grid as "EGT" (EgoGrid Time) and on this occur the maintenance communications, however, will be present in Grid clocks with UTC and SLT.
The reboot of the single regions or, in case of need, of the whole grid is scheduled every Thursday from 10:00AM to 11:00PM (Italian time)
. Extra maintenance operations may be required in addition to the ones scheduled on the calendar. If you have problems with your region or with your account, please contact InWorld staff or write to communicating in as much detail as possible the problems you are experiencing.
- - - - - - - -
Leeder Lab Homebrew ITA :
Gin Luigi (Gin Leeder) : Grid Owner
Asiah dezno : Honorary Member/InWorld Admin
Lewis Ego : Grid Staff
Monica Ego : Grid Staff

In AlterEgo Grid is recommended to use BluEyeOpen(FirestormOSVR)

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Gloebit$ is the prevailing currency in OpenSIMULATOR virtual worlds. You can check the status of your Gloebit$ account associated with your AlterEgo Avatar from here (Gloebit official website).
The only currency accepted at the moment is Gloebit$.
By choice this Grid does not accept direct payments through Paypal or similar, nor does it ask for any information related to your credit card! This Grid was born with the only purpose of being currently a meeting point. The only way to pay for services and items in AlterEgo Grid is through the use of Gloebit$ which is an external service created by a former Linden Lab employee and one of the creators of Tilia. The Gloebit$ and the sale of the land by the Grid is the only way that we believe is correct to have an active contribution in supporting the AlterEgo project in its current state.
Please note : The services and content outside of the AlterEgo grid such as the Gloebit$ monetary service are not dependent on the Leeder Lab Homebrew ITA team and therefore no guarantee is given on such services but it will be our commitment in case of problems related to the internal grid monetary services (such as missed refound or incorrect transitions) to evaluate possible solutions. If you have problems to buy Gloebit$ this is not a problem related to the grid.

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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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