Registering on the site for the first time will not activate an In World account for AlterEgo Grid, the registrations are separate, this to allow those who already have an InWorld account to associate it with an account on the site.

*Please Note that it is not mandatory to register on the portal to have an InWorld account on AlterEgo Grid grid, you can also just register your avatar via Diva WiFi, where you can also manage your inventory and more.

By registering through the AlterEgo Grid portal (not Diva Wifi), you can then access the Forum section, you can comment on events or publish content (when the site is finished), you can also: Register a new InWorld account directly linked to your account on the portal, or associate this account with your InWorld avatar.

First of all, create an account for the portal, you will recive a verification email with your access data and a link for activation. Then log in to the portal, and in the "Account" section register your avatar in AlterEgo Grid. If you already have an avatar registered in AlterEgo Grid, simply click the "InWorld Account Activation" link at the bottom of the avatar registration form (thus skipping the fields for registering a new avatar), you will then proceed to the InWorld login and through the terminal, within 10 minutes, you can activate and link your accounts.

If you register an account to access the grid using this portal instead of "Diva WiFi" you will be InWorld a cloud and you will have to adjust your appearance by yourself, by registering an account through "Diva WiFi" you can choose the type of avatar. However, if you register your grid account here after registering your primary account on the portal, your two accounts will be automatically associated by the system.

Currently registering on the this portal and the account link allow you to view some features of the InWorld coem account, for example, see which friends are Online, and, in the near future, manage your profile, request a partnership, read offline messages and much more.

* By registering and creating an account in AlterEgo Grid you agree to the Terms of Service (TOS) and declare that you are 18 years of age or older. Leeder Lab Homebrew is a group of people who are passionately dedicated to the creation of 3D virtual content through the OpenSimulator software and the continuity of the service and its contents is not guaranteed if it is no longer possible to keep the grid and the project running . Services and contents outside the AlterEgo grid such as the Gloebit $ economic service do not depend on the Leeder Lab Homebrew team and therefore no guarantee is given on such services.

AlterEgo Grid Team.